About us

Who we are

T-Collaboration is a team of experienced business and technology consultants focusing on Microsoft technologies like Office 365, Azure Cloud to provide comprehensive expertise and most effective solutions for your projects. We offer a unique blend of business consulting experience and architecture and development skill, combined with a flair for designing attractive and intuitive applications and user experiences.

We also proud with a vision to transform rural economy a digitally empowered society and make services available to farmers and schools electronically

Where we focus

Where we focus

Our work to focus on business in field to provide digital, technology consulting, we have also started focusing on underappreciated sectors & technologically backward communities where technology can help transforms business processes to improve productivity, efficiencies and return on investments (ROI). Enabling usage of technological advancements have been helping world to bring in transformations to improve growth in each and every field of mankind however there are few fields which are underappreciated and lacking to gain full potential of technological advancements which creates voids and opportunities to make better technologically advanced mankind.

Our values

Our values

At T-Collaboration Ltd., we strongly believe in our values to do whatever we can, Our core values are:
- Innovation
- Collaboration
- Transparency

Where we work

Where we work

We are currently operating in UK and aim to work for developing countries to improve lives of technologically backward communities & underappreciated sectors.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision
  • “Provide service focussed especially on companies and enterprises requiring complex and highly performant solution to make business processes scalable and costing predictable. Connect Technologically Backward communities & underappreciated sectors with technological advancements”

  • Mission
  • “To improve economic growth and income of technologically backward communities & underappreciated sectors by developing platform based transformations solutions through financially viable Social Enterprise that enables them to commercialize services and transform business processes to gain improved productivity, process efficiency and higher return on their investments (ROI)”

What we do

At T-Collaboration Ltd., we build platform based transformation solutions using our innovative approach,

What we do

Discover Need

We visit technologically backward communities and underappreciated sectors to observe their day to day life and work style. We initiate research study and collect voice of the customer (VoC) to determine need for change.

Build Platform

Once need for change is determined, our Business domain & technical experts prepare solution blueprint and Proof of concepts (POC) to determine technical feasibility check, operating, financial & incentive models to build platform based transformation solutions.

Bring Change

Our Marketing & Sales team prepares for launching platform based transformation solution and ensures high user traffic to connect technologically backward communities and underappreciated sector with technological advancements


At T-Collaboration Ltd., we believe following underappreciated sectors need an immediate attention to bring change via technological advancements to move towards making a technologically advanced mankind.

  • Agriculture
  • India is primarily an agrarian country with 60 per cent of its population being dependent directly or indirectly on agriculture. The Indian agriculture sector has made considerable progress in the last few decades however lack of technological advancement has resulted in critical problems, like:

          - Lack of information to the farmers to take INFORMED decision in post harvesting operations
          - Lack of motivation & economic growth decreases in number of cultivators
          - Inefficient business process, policies and systems impact productivity and ROI

    At T-Collaboration Ltd., we have done an extensive research on:
          - Post harvesting phase of agriculture to build virtual mandi(market) - An online collaborative platform for crop sellers and buyers which enable them, to interact online via collaboration platform to perform their mandi operations in various Markets which can be at Village, Taluka, District or State level in India.
          - Smallholding situation to build collaborative framework to bring in corporate culture in agriculture.

  • Education
  • Education institute in urban slums and rural areas across developing countries has long faced the question of why financy poor students, who sometimes struggle to pay for their study and there is real need of helping those kids to get sponsor/donor contribute in helping them educate. There are many individual and community locally and internationally willing to and would like to help but due to lack of transparency help unable to reach to those student to make them educate and there is real opportunity for technological advancement. We are also working on following area:

          - Library Management
          - Expense Management
          - Admission Management
          - Scholarship Management
          - Attendance Management

  • Energy
  • coming up..

Our team

Here we work to bring technological change in technologicially backward communities & underappreciated sectors

Strategic Lead

R Shah

Shah is most proud to be providing business consulting and CEO

Delivery Lead

Vicky (CTO)

Vicky most proud to be managing technical delivery of our platform(s)

Marketing Lead

Patrick (Marketing Lead)

Patrick is most proud of defining marketing strategy

Legal advisor

Dhiren (Legal Advisor)

Dhiren enjoys using his legal and general life experience to advise and assist in bussiness decision

Contact us

United Kingdom
E-mail: contact(at)t-collaboration.com